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Grožnjan - Građevinsko zemljište - prodaja

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Građevinsko zemljište , prodaja
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Površina: 114.400,00 m²
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114.400,00 m²

The property is situated in the municipality of Grožnjan, a small town in northern Istria that is well-known for its enviorment-friendly policy and for its constant strive to preserve typical and traditional Istrian heritage

This is an isolated village, but all the main roads are just a few minutes away. It consists of a cluster of old houses, all made of stone. Some of them have already been restored, while the others are waiting for their chance to shine. Overlooking the stunning Mirna river valley, the geolocation of this private village offers the perfect combination of panoramic views, orientations and solar insulation po-tential

The hills, woods, farmlands, vineyards and olive groves surrounding the village can easily become the perfect hideout for those who wish to relax in complete privacy and enjoy nature. The rich composition of the soil is ideal for growing endemic vegetation such as fruits, vegetables and typical decoration plants. The woods are home to a large number of animals such as deers, wild boars and pheasants, and as such provide for a rich unting season.

The property consists of five zones: agricultural,undeveloped construction land, developed land - the houses, the stone house and canyon and agricultural and forest.

The property in numbers :5 old stone houses,16,890 square meters of building land,97,550 square meters of farmland and forest.

Its rural appearance can be preserved by either building archetypical dwellings or by introducing contemporary design building.

 Because the village consists entirely of old stone houses, and because it is surrounded by vast forests and agricul-tural plots, Sažoni is eligible for rural development funding by the European Union.

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